Caroline Moncur, Chief Operating Officer

Caroline Moncur has 20 years’ experience and executive-level focus in the technology and recruitment industries.  Prior to moving to The Bahamas in 2004, Caroline worked for the largest recruitment company in Australia, Morgan & Banks, as well as the 3rd largest recruitment company in the world, Vedior International. During her career in Australia, she progressed from Consultant to General Manager. 

On relocating to The Bahamas, Caroline joined an IT services company.  As Vice President, Consulting Solutions, Caroline established and developed consulting services.  Caroline’s focus was on creating new partnerships globally to deliver customised technology solutions, competitive in price, predominantly in the financial services sector. 

In 2011, Caroline established 3Connect Bahamas, a consulting firm providing technology and business consulting services.  With a partnership network extending all over the world, 3Connect Bahamas is able to create and deliver unique, high quality technology services at a much lower cost than the big consulting firms.   

In 2014, Caroline, along with Kyle Baley and Ian Ivey, established Marcollie Blue, a product development firm building innovative products based on market analysis and strategic foresight. 

Caroline recently served as Director for 3 years on the Board of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce. 

Caroline is the Australian Honorary Consul to The Bahamas.

Ian Ivey, Strategist

Ian Ivey has had senior management roles in the horticulture, corporate investment, and international energy petrochemical sectors, and has travelled and worked in many countries throughout Europe, the Arabian Gulf, South East Asia, North America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Rim.

In recent years, he has been working in the area of future proofing businesses and organisations in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Germany, and the Caribbean using Strategic Foresight principles and processes, entrepreneurship and innovation training, technology transfer between Europe and Australasia, and expanding a network of key international associates and contacts.

Along with his role at Marcollie Blue, Ian has an international information broking and strategic foresight business and he is involved with numerous consulting projects in both the public and private sectors in 15 different countries. 

He facilitates and manages a number of online communities of interest through the Internet and social networks including the following:!/pages/TT-Foresight-Innovation-Network/123908201002309

Ian has a Masters Degree in Science with First Class Honours from Massey University in New Zealand.

Kyle Baley, Chief Technology Officer

After an on-again/off-again flirtation with a career as an actuary, Kyle Baley decided he preferred to keep his risk unmanaged. Since 1998, he has been a software developer and has never looked back (except for the summer in 2004, which he refers to as the "lost season"). He has worked in a variety of industries such as oil and gas, transportation, education, private banking, insurance, and telecommunication and during his travels, he has discovered that the more software changes, the more it stays the same.

In the last few years, he has directed his efforts at honing his craft and reaching out the software community, both as a teacher and a learner. Born and raised in the "challenging" climate of Manitoba, Canada, he currently makes his home in the Bahamas with his wife and two children where he has a much more sporting chance of surviving The annual polar bear dip.

Most recently he has been Chief of Product Development at, an online scheduling application.

He is also the co- author of “Application Development in .NET".


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